Columbia Enterprises contributes to early delivery of state-of-the-art medical facility in Prince George’s County

From Clark Construction Group:

LARGO, MD (December 14, 2020) – University of Maryland Capital Region Health (UM Capital) and Clark Construction Group have announced that substantial completion has been reached on the state-of-the-art University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center hospital, which replaces the 75-year-old Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly. The project was completed 10 days ahead of the contracted completion date of October 12.

The 620,000-square-foot hospital provides enhanced access to high-quality healthcare for residents of Prince George’s County and the surrounding communities. The new 11-story patient tower features 205 private patient rooms, 45 emergency room treatment bays, 20 observation rooms, and 8 operating rooms.  Once open to the public in summer 2021, the new medical center will provide spaces for clinical services including emergency care, neonatal intensive care, behavioral health, neurosciences, orthopedics, labor & delivery, critical care medicine, and Level II trauma.

“Our partnership with Clark Construction to develop the University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center has enabled us to deliver on our vision to build a medical center that will offer technologically advanced, safe and quality health care in Prince George’s County,” said Nathaniel Richardson Jr., president and chief executive officer of UM Capital Region Health. “While the building itself is impressive, more important is the preeminent design work that will ensure a highly efficient care delivery model in which Prince George’s County residents can rely on and be proud of for decades to come.”

Participation from small, local, county-based, and minority businesses throughout the construction process was a priority for all project stakeholders. In collaboration with S.M. Jackson Government Business Solutions, LLC, Clark’s small business compliance advisor, Clark awarded $30.9 million in contracts to County Based Minority Business Enterprises (CBMBE) for a total percentage participation of 13.5%, exceeding the goal of 10%, as well as a total of $177.9 million, or 77.86% CBMBE, Minority Business Enterprises (MBE), and Locally-based Business Enterprises (LBE) vendors, surpassing the goal of 25%.

Among Prince George’s County MBEs that worked on the project were Estime Enterprises, Inc. and Columbia Enterprises Inc., Clark’s partners who provided project and construction management services.  “As a business located in Prince George’s County, we are proud to have been part of this project,” said Bruce D. Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of Columbia Enterprises, a contractor located in Camp Springs, MD. “In addition to the positive health and social outcomes this facility will provide Prince George’s County residents, this project has already started paying dividends, providing economic development and growth opportunities for our local small business community.”